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Wrists: The Forgotten Joint

Our bodies need more TLC than most of us give them. With that in mind, your wrists should not be something you address only after they start to hurt. While no one likes homework, you should work on your wrist health every day.

Click here for wrist stretching and strengthening movements.

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Change Your World With hand and Wrist Mobility.

Do you ever think about how your hands interact with the ground? Or when you go through your push ups/planks/crawling patterns, are they just a body part that responds, along for the ride, but not really a fully integrated part of the process?

When the hands are on the ground, they provide proprioceptive feedback to the brain, letting the brain know where the arm and the hand are located in space.1 This feedback informs the nervous system what options are available to perform a specific action. The hands are sensory rich; their ability to perform fine motor skills requires a careful discussion between the nerves of the hand and the brain.

How the hands integrate fully with the rest of the arm when your weight is on them is the starting place for how force is dealt with in the upper extremities.

Yet, the hands and wrists are often ignored during training. We expect them to work and are a bit miffed when they don’t. Unlike the hips, shoulders, ankles, and spine, little thought is given to how the mobility of the wrist determines the position of the elbow and shoulder, which is unfortunate, because the wrists and hands have the potential to unlock a wide range of movement possibilities in the upper extremities.

The Problem with Unused Hands and Wrists

Click here to understand the issue and find some tools to help you

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