Quadruped with a Twist.

90/90 swing thru __ One of my favorite movements to get twisting around the kidney region where force transmission hits the X sweet spot. Great for fluid dynamics and lumbopelvic disassociation motion ___ Most people get the hips and legs set to 90/90and then move the arms around the anchor point. This version the arms are the anchor point and the lower moves ___ Part of my TRUE STRENGTH: Restorative Movement on demand video where I show you my favorite motions on the ground ___ True strength is being able to control your body mass in all situations. Different movement is better than better movement for long term resiliency ___ Do 15 reps. Change different surfaces to change the environmental sensory input. That changes the movement. Your hips will feel glorious ___ Tap link in my IG BIO profile for immediate download or stream. You own it for life. That’s a long time ? ___ #nowrongwaytoplay #stopchasingpain #truestrength #primalstrength #groundmoves ____ STOPCHASINGPAIN.com for workshops videos memberships community love unicorns support and craZy shit path stuff

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