Pike Plank Exercise Extended Pilates Mat

This plank exercise combined with a pike works your upper body and core, leaving you open and feeling good through the torso.

Start on your hands and knees and perform a cat-cow exercise to mobilize and warm up your spine. Circle your ribs around one way a few times and then repeat on the other side (let your head hang down).
Next, go down onto your forearms and glide your hips back and forth a few times to warm up the shoulders, arms and upper back.
Curl your toes under and tighten your middle to get strong on your arms. Pop your knees up, release them down to the ground, glide your hips back. Repeat.
In the same quadruped position on elbows and knees, pop up your knees, press your hips to the ceiling and heels to the floor in a strong pike position. Do a couple on your elbows then on your hands.
This time, pop your knees up, curl your toes, pull in your middle and reach long into a full plank position. Glide hips back and front to release.
Put these two exercises together by going onto hands and knees and pressing into a pike then into a moving into a full plank.
Cool down by circling the shoulders back and front.Mondays with Margot from Body Harmonics Pilates in Toronto.



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