Hinge vs Squat

LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HINGE AND A SQUAT!! Repost from my good friends at @achievefitnessboston, give them a follow!? -? There are some key differences between a hinge and a squat, and understanding those differences can help you to have a clearer picture of what certain exercises should look like!? -? The main difference between a squat and a hinge is the joint which plays the primary role in the execution of each pattern. In a squat, there is a greater emphasis on the knee joint, whereas in the hinge pattern, there is a greater emphasis on the hip joint.? -? What this ends up looking like, is that in the squatting pattern, the hips will most likely be below the knees, and there will be a forward shin angle, meaning the knees will shift forward over the toes. In the hinging pattern, the hips will be above the knees, and there will be little to no forward shin angle.? -? So, when you do a movement that is considered a “hinge” pattern – let’s say a kettlebell swing for example – you can take a look at your form and see if you are hitting the criteria of a hinge. If you’re noticing that your knees go over your toes and your hips go below your knees, you may be trying to apply a squat pattern to a hinge movement.? -? We hope @achievefitnessboston owner @jasonlpak’s demonstration here helps clear some things up! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! And until next time, ????? -? -? -? #teamchampion #fitness #fittips #fitnesstips #fitlifestyle #exercise #exercisetips #workout #workouttips #workoutmotivation #workoutideas #gym #gymlife #strength #strengthtraining #trainsmart #performbetter #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #strengthandconditioning #personaltrainer #personaltraining #crossfit

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