Knee Pain during Squats

? SOLVING KNEE PAIN DURING SQUATS [anterior knee pain] ?? .? Here's a nice quick fix to help groove a nice squat pattern from @lustrengththerapy.? .? Knee pain is one of the most common complaints during the back squat.? ? Depending on your squat variation, the knee may be responsible for more range of motion than other variations. The high bar back squat is a variation that heavily relies on the knees (quadriceps) oppose to the posterior chain. However, some lifters may lack the hip hinge which forces the knees to do all the work.? ? Some possible causes of knee pain during a squat:? ? Poor hip hinge and glute activity? ? Having too much weight on the front of the feet? ? Muscular imbalances between the different heads of the quadriceps? ? To help incorporate a proper hip hinge in a squat, follow these steps!? 1?? Attach a strength band around a stationary object? 2?? Step inside the band and wrap it around the buttocks? 3?? Squat down while simultaneously pushing the hips backwards into the band? .? This exercise is perfect for any lifters that have a trouble hip hinging in a squat (especially in a high bar squat). It teaches the lifters how to properly engage the hips/glutes to help load the kinetic chain and not rely only on the knees to squat!? .? ? TAG A TRAINING PARTNER WITH KNEE PAIN! ?? .? #LuStrengthTherapy #Squats #Powerlifting #Powerlifter #OlympicWeightlifting #quads #legworkout #teamchampion #fitness #fittips #fitnesstips #fitlifestyle #exercise #exercisetips #workout #workouttips #workoutmotivation #workoutideas #gym #gymlife #strength #strengthtraining #trainsmart #performbetter #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #strengthandconditioning #personaltrainer #personaltraining #crossfit ?

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