Squats and Low Back Pain

USE THIS DRILL TO SQUAT DEEPER. Great repost from @dr.jacob.harden, give him a follow!? .? In order to have an optimal squat, you need motion produced through the hips, knees, and ankles with stability and stiffness in the spinal joints.? .? ?A common problem I see is people trying to keep their chest up too much and shoving their butt back as far as they can (it's known as the fitspo squat in my office) which actually decreases spinal stiffness and sends them into lumbar hyperextension and anterior pelvic tilt. This causes not only a loss of core positioning, but also cuts the amount of ROM available in your hip, which can play into to butt wink, back pain, and pinching hips.?? .? Here is a drill I use to correct the hyperextension pattern.? .? ?Place your fingers on your bottom ribs and ASIS (Bony bumps on the pelvis)? ?Hip hinge without letting the fingers split apart? ?Squat down maintaining that spinal position? .? Throw this into your warm ups to get that patterning going and then load it up with some weight to lock it in.? .? Have questions? Hit me up in the comments and I'll try to help you out. Tag a friend doing the fitspo squat and share the wealth!? .? #Prehab101 #squat #squats #powerlifting #crossfit #squatmobility #fittips

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