About Diane

Originally from England, Diane graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA (Honours) in Economics. She arrived in Canada, having set the foundations of a career in marketing and communications in London, England. She pursued this career in Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa.

Diane has always been passionate about movement and fitness which had kept her focused and energized during the crazy, challenging years in marketing.

In the 80’she settled in Montreal to raise a family there.

She was introduced to Pilates by Rosemary Geist and began to study yoga with Alison Ulan.

The essence in these disciplines is that movement has to be realized from within. It is not achieved by extraneous force, but through the deep connection and sensitivity of the mind and the inner body.

This insight became the beacon which led Diane to certify as a Stott and Polstar Pilates instructor, complete a 500 hour Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Alison Ulan and Darby and certify as a Somatic Movemnt specialist.
Diane continues to persue her passions, taking specialized therapeutic courses for clients of all ages, with special conditions and needs. method. Workshops in Pilates, Yoga, Somatics, Body Mind Centering, Continuum , the Franklin Method, Active Isolated Stretching, and Myofascial Release, further inform her instruction.

She is grateful to all her teachers in the Montreal community and beyond, whose knowledge and dedication continue to inspire her. Thanks to them, Diane brings motivation, compassion and understanding to her clients.